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Portia Alternatives for Web Data Extraction

July 15, 2019Category : Blog

Last Updated on July 15, 2019 by TarunPortia was a visual tool that allowed users to crawl websites without having any programming knowledge. It was a hosted service but due to dwindling usage of visual scrapers, it has been taken down and is no longer in use today. So how did people use Portia when..

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How to Use the Web Scraper Chrome Extension to Extract Web Data: Part 1

April 4, 2016Category : Blog

Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by biz@promptcloud.comWeb scraping is becoming a vital ingredient in business and marketing planning regardless of the industry. There are several ways to crawl the web for useful data depending on your requirements and budget. Did you know that your favorite web browser could also act as a great web..

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How to Scrape Data from the Web without any Programming skills

March 30, 2016Category : Blog

Last Updated on March 30, 2016 by TarunLooking for data to fuel your business strategy? You simply can’t collect data by searching on Google for what you’re looking for and copying them manually to a spreadsheet. This wouldn’t make any sense as the data requirement is huge when you need to do something useful from..

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