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Big Data Analytics

Why web data acquisition is one of the biggest pain points in the data industry?

April 6, 2016Category : Blog

With Big Data breaking all norms and crafting new ones, it is no surprise that many companies would be keen to and would have already started investing into Big Data technologies and implementation strategies. American marketers view Big Data implementation as the 3rd biggest priority in 2015. For these businesses, getting the management buy-in is..

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Secure your business’ future with Predictive Analysis

March 11, 2016Category : Blog

Almost all businesses today operate at a very high level of paradigm shifts and uncertainty. Running your business in such unfavorable conditions exposes it to high risks from many angles – the possibility of customer churn, revenue slowdown, losing out competitive edge, to name a few. How wonderful it would be to have a genie..

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Difference Between Data Normalization and Data Structuring – PromptCloud

March 7, 2016Category : Blog

No other form of technology evolution has added such a huge impetus and impact on business fortunes, as data mining. When done strategically and with a pre-defined plan, it has the capability of uncovering pearls of insight not known to the senior management and decisions makers of the company. The benefits of a visual, easy..

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Creating A Streamlined Data Flow For Powerful Decision Making

March 2, 2016Category : Blog

Proper decision making happens to be an integral part of running a business. Impactful and insightful decisions help your business to transcend beyond competition. And this is where, entrepreneurs need to consider quite a few aspects around transactional data, better known as big data. For enterprises that know the art of harnessing this gold mine..

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10 Big Data Visualisation Tools Everyone in the Industry Should Be Using

February 24, 2016Category : Blog

Why Big Data Visualisation Tools are Important? Let’s say you are a proud owner of a gold mine but you can’t harness the gold from that mine. So, what’s the point in being the owner? Is there any? The condition is the same with big data. There is no point in collecting large chunks of..

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Why Are Companies Finding Big Data Too Hot To Handle?

February 22, 2016Category : Blog

With millions of pieces of content emanating in various forms, sizes, and shapes across multiple sources, it becomes a challenge to choose a needle in the information haystack and utilize it for organizational benefit in decision making and strategy building. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not at all possible. Keeping a few pointers..

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The USP of Data Science in Business

February 19, 2016Category : Blog

With huge investments being made into big data applications and business intelligence, it is no surprise to look forward to gathering diverse types and formats of data from equally diverse and non-uniform sources. However what actually is a surprise is the level of preparedness of companies for the next step i.e. the proper analysis of..

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Why 2016 is Ripe for Investing in Big Data?

January 22, 2016Category : Blog

Big Data has reached an impressive level of maturity in 2015. This enhancement is mainly driven by the advancement of technologies made available to explore humongous datasets and extract valuable insights from it. Think of the progress made by IoT, wearables, sensor technologies and you can see how big data is assisted by other areas..

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4 V’s of Big Data for Yielding Invaluable Information

December 28, 2015Category : Blog

The technology revolution has transformed the world significantly over the last 15 years. Especially, IT has connected the world and enabled sharing, storing and accessing information on the internet like never before. This has created an ocean of structured as well as unstructured data. With the help of right tools of analysis, you can unravel..

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Mitigate and Manage Big Data Disaster Effectively

December 9, 2015Category : Blog

It is an exciting time for conducting business operations that utilizes technology to add value to your customer’s expectation and delivery of service. All over the world, technology is being juxtaposed upon out of box thinking. As a result, we see small yet interesting streams of innovation flowing from various quarters all around the globe…

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