Extract Candidate Resumes and Job Postings

Candidate resumes available on Indeed.com hold tremendous value to those operating in the recruitment and market research domains. The potential applications of large data sets and its benefits to businesses need no special introduction. However, not all those who are looking for candidate resumes and job data sets are finding reliable sources for the data. Although there are various web sources where you can extract candidate resumes and job data sets, the technology barrier for extracting this data in an efficient, automated manner is too high for the average analyst or data scientist.

candidate-resumes-job-postings-datasetThis is where DataStock, PromptCloud’s repository of pre-crawled data sets from various industries come into the picture. We offer data sets that we extract using sophisticated data extraction techniques for  our clients on a periodic basis through Datastock. The data sets on Datastock are nominally priced and is ideal for many big data use cases such as sentiment analysis, historical trend mapping, predictive analytics, machine learning training, natural language processing, etc., among others.

Applications of candidate resumes datasets

Candidate resume data is a great resource for anyone looking to map the trends in the recruitment industry as the resumes itself will reflect the big picture of the candidate pool out there.

1. Building a job matching algorithm

A job matching algorithm works by matching various aspects of a candidate resume such as the experience, skills, educational qualifications and so on with one or more job roles. This can bring out matches and hence helps companies shortlist resumes that are relevant to them in a matter of seconds. To create such a matching algorithm takes training and candidate resumes data sets available on DataStock can cater to this application.

2. Analyzing trends

Analyzing the trends in the market is crucial for someone starting a new business in any field and the same goes for recruitment. If you’re venturing into the field of recruitment, you would definitely want to do a thorough market research before launching your venture. Evaluating the job market can only be complete by analyzing the candidate resumes which is a scarce resource to get hold of under normal circumstances. Candidate resumes available on Datastock can aid you in analyzing the trends (example: predominant skill set) in the job market.

3. Finding the right talent for your organization

If your company lacks in employer branding, you might find it difficult to find candidates who are approaching you for your open job positions. In such a scenario, you can use the candidate resumes data to match with your open job positions and reach out to the relevant matches. This way, you can avoid the hassle of manually searching for candidates and also make the process more efficient.

4. Content creation for media

Media companies are always on the lookout for interesting findings. Sometimes, historical data might hold valuable insights that might be of interest to the public. By analyzing the candidate resumes data sets available on Datastock, you can come up with insights on the job market that would be beneficial to both job seekers and employers. Being the first to report on such insights could give your media firm a fair edge in the competition.

Applications of job posting datasets

Job postings data can be highly useful for recruitment professionals and companies that are particular about hiring the best talent. Here are some of the prominent applications of job posting data.

1. Competitor Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing your competitors’ hiring activity can help you have an edge in the competition for acquiring the best talent. If you have access to the job postings data from your competitors, you can analyze this data to find actionable insights which can help you hire better and also increase your incentives so as to be seen as a better option to the candidates. Job postings data sets can give you a fair view into your competitors.

2. Market research and analytics

If you’re looking to perform a market research in the labor industry, job postings data can provide you with a host of insights such as the demand for various job roles, skills in demand, industries that are hiring often and more. This data can also be of value to media companies since they can create content around the findings.

Looking to acquire pre-crawled candidate resumes and job postings data?

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