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Crawling Travel Data

Travel has been by far the most engaging activity across the world. Travellers like to review destinations or hotels they visit, upload their photos, and also take part in conversations on various forums to the benefit of the travel community. Our records show more than 1M reviews being uploaded each day, just related to travel, across various sources on the web. What does it all mean? Well, this data is useful not just to fellow travellers, but anyone else in the travel business. But what it also means is to gain access to this scale of data and for it to be usable, we need machines that can automatically process relevant records and show it on our screens while we sip some coffee.

Sample Travel Record

The structure here is only for illustrative purposes can be customized by all means.


Travel Data Packages

PromptCloud has crawled and extracted more than 50M travel records from most sought-after travel websites and forums and packaged them. All of this data is in XML and includes hotel reviews, destination reviews, reviewer profiles and professional photos. Any normalizations to this data can be made as per your requirements. These packages can be brought into immediate use for your analysis or processing while the rest of the new feed arrives.

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