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Data is steadily climbing the ladder of intelligence tools for all industries. From E-commerce to Retail to Automotive to Media and Entertainment, Data has become a basic tool for corporate survival. As a result most companies are witnessing a major data overhauling and filling their data repositories via crawling and extracting data from the web.

If you are a part of this new data movement and wish to get your hands on some big time data feeds for Indian E-commerce, then Look No Further! Just visit CrawlBoard and simply register for free E-commerce feeds to start receiving clean and great quality data every week for Free!

How does it work?

Step 1: Log in / Sign up with CrawlBoard using your email id

crawlboard-login-page Step 2: Enter your basic details like company name & country

crawlboard-submit-details Step 3: Select E-commerce in the main category drop down and then choose from a range of websites & sub categories of which data feeds you wish to receive on a regular basis. You can select multiple options to get more feeds in the same project. You also have an option to choose the format in which you would like to receive the data.

crawlboard-enter-preferences Step 4: Sit back and relax, as fresh data gets uploaded to your API every 7 days. To know more details about how to download data using our API and other features of CrawlBoard, please download the CrawlBoard datasheet or watch this simple video here.

Still not convinced? Reach out to our support team at or Contact Us for more information and they would help you set up more feeds to match your business requirements. Happy data Crawling!

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