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Scraping Data Feeds is Simple

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Scrape used Cars Data from Web

There are numerous businesses out there hunting for price/ availability data on specific products or products from a particular category. There are others that would like to get hold of consumer reviews on the products that matter to them. This data is further processed to gain insights by running various analyses.

Unfortunately, this flow is not as simple as writing the above two statements. Firstly, all this data is not available at a single location and no enterprise is content with limited data from a single source. Secondly, processing this amount of information is a daunting task which needs expertise and resources. Finally, while one crawls all this data, focus on the core business is lost as crawling and extraction of such data requires regular monitoring.

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How we help crawl these products on a large web-scale

We take a list of sources of your interest, details of what you’re looking for and the attributes that you’d like collected from them. That’s all you need to be involved for. We set up the entire data pipeline for you wherein the data gets automatically delivered to you via our API. In the background, we custom crawl these data sources extracting record-level details as per your desired format. In addition, any template changes on the source site and other computational monitoring is taken care of through our platform. You could also ask for all past data from these sources in addition to the regular feeds.

What you finally receive

Structure in the sample record below is only for illustrative purposes and can be customized by all means.

How you bring this data to use

If you’re currently looking for such datasets, you don’t need to read beyond this. Some apparent use cases of e-commerce data that we have come across from our experience with clients are listed.

  • Comparison shopping
  • Product sentiment analysis from regular review feeds
  • Brand monitoring
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Sourcing all product reviews at a single stop
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