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How this tool works

You simply drag both the sliders and see pricing inflection points, both on the graph and on the calculator display next to it. You can select from available options on instance region, category and type from the drop down menus before checking the prices. Price comparisons can be made between a 1 year and 3 year reservation.

Key Inferences

From our use of EC2 instances, we concluded the following rules of thumb. You can use the tool to validate the same and derive other inferences for your own use case.

  1. If your daily usage is less than 6 hours, and your timeframe is about 1 year, there is no point reserving an instance.
  2. If your daily usage is less than 2 hours, then there is no point reserving the instance for 3 years.
  3. Say you use micro instances for personal weekend projects, and if you perceive around 10 hour usage, then a medium sized instance reserved for 3 years might be the best option.

Fine prints

  • This is not an official pricing API for EC2 but just a tool to visualize the pricing data that AWS provides.
  • Pricing data we use is cached and taken from AWS's pricing page. That said Amazon on demand and reserved prices don’t change very often and we’ll make sure to update them ASAP after amazon announces pricing changes.
  • We will put the code on github soon...

For any feedback or suggestions on the tool, please leave a comment on the related blog post.

Note: Pricing data depicted is only for Linux Instances.