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Zyte Competitors and Alternatives

Overview of Zyte Competitors and Alternatives

Zyte is a unique web scraping solution provider that not only offers data scraping options but also a rotating proxy network for those who want to create and use DIY web scraping solutions. However, let’s take a look at Zyte competitors and alternatives for making better choices. In terms of major features that Zyte offers, the mentionable ones include:-

  • Subscription-based custom web scraping solutions
  • Periodic scraping, be it monthly, weekly or even hourly
  • QA process to ensure data accuracy
  • Sample data when taking on larger projects
  • Compliant with GDPR and other nation wise legislations
  • Provides 24-hour support on weekdays

Zyte is not a DaaS solution and there is some degree of control that will be provided on your end. This may be a pro or a con for you, based on your use case. We will be discussing some of the other benefits and plans offered by Zyte followed by how its competitors fare in the same facets. 

Getting a clearer picture of the scraping world and how different tools handle the same problem statement. It may help you understand which tool would fit your requirement best.

What makes Zyte scraping software stand out?

Zyte offers APIs and headless browsers to extract data from different web pages. Their team contains more than 100 “extraction-experts”. To handle large-scale scraping of data, a lot of focus is also given to intelligent proxy rotation and handling bans from websites for filling up too much traffic. 

Zyte also provides lightweight scriptable headless browsers that can be used to scrape data points from heavy websites along with Scrapy Cloud- a platform where you can run and manage web crawlers. The benefit of having cloud-based tools is that your scraping jobs can run 24×7 and require less maintenance and manual effort.

Both of Zyte’s solutions come with multiple plans based on usage. The data extraction service has 2 plans– Standard and Custom at $450 and $1000 per month respectively. The Standard plan does not include setup costs, and the premium plan gives you additional benefits like Enterprise level SLAs, custom Schemas, and multiple output formats.

The Proxy Manager tool can be used at multiple price points starting from $29 for the Starter and $999 for the Enterprise version. The main difference between the packs is the cost of requests, the number of concurrent requests, IP whitelisting options, dedicated support teams, custom crawling timeslots, and guaranteed capacity.

Top 10 Best Zyte Competitors and Alternatives [2022]

1. PromptCloud Web Scraping Software

PromptCloud is a DaaS service provider offering solutions on the entire breadth of your problem statements. They offer 3 main solutions:-

  • Custom web scraping services by PromptCloud that can help you mine data from any website. 
  • And integrate it into your existing systems via storage solutions like S3, Dropbox or REST APIs.
  • JobsPikr is a job board-specific tool that can help you scrape job listings from hundreds of sites. 
  • And provides you with a live job feed on which you can apply both basic and advanced filters.
  • DataStock is a service offering prebuilt and clean data sets for different sectors like retail and hospitality.

2. Oxylabs Web Scraping Software

Oxylabs offers two types of solutions, just like Zyte– for web scraping and for handling proxies. Their web scraping tools offer–

  • SERP (Search Engine Results Page) scraping from all major search engines.
  • eCommerce data scraping on an enterprise level.
  • Web Scraping APIs that can scrape publicly available data from a vast majority of websites.

It is to be noted that all web scraping offerings from Oxylabs, come with a free trial period for you to try out the tool and check whether it can meet your scraping needs without a hiccup.

3. Bright Data Web Scraping Software

Bright Data covers everything from data mining infrastructure to ready-to-use datasets. It also offers a separate proxy service for those who may require IP rotation to get their job done. It covers web scraping for most sectors starting from eCommerce and ending with their Data for Good initiative where they support NGOs and other institutions who are trying to do good for the world using data. 

Their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant service is used by more than 15000 customers. Bright Data also claims to have more than two thousand patents granted worldwide.

4. Apify Web Scraping Software

Offering ready-made tools for popular websites like Google Search, Google Maps, Instagram and Amazon, along with custom Web Scraping or RPA-based solutions, Apify can be used by most who want easy-to-use tools to scrape data from common sources. 

In terms of scalability, their custom web scraping solution can process millions of pages and scrape TBs of data on the fly. Apify provides an SDK and follows an open source approach which prevents you from getting locked with a single cloud service provider.

5. ScrapeHero Web Scraping Software

ScrapeHero is a DaaS solution that can process scraped data from multiple websites and provide structured data of high quality as an end product. It offers fully managed custom solutions, web scraping APIs, and also custom AI/NLP or ML-based tools. 

Stock market data, eCommerce Data, Real Estate Data, and Job Data are some of the sectors that this service specializes in. ScrapeHero boasts of a 98% customer retention rate and also responds within an hour to all custom scraping queries. In addition to scraping data, it also offers automated checks and alerts to ensure data cleanliness. 

6. Octoparse Web Scraping Software

Free crawlers or custom web scraping starting from $89 per month– Octoparse has it all. Its Enterprise plan is for businesses that required a highly customized solution shaped per client. It also offers data and crawler services separately starting from $399 and $189 respectively. 

The data service allows you to just tell them the data you need and allow them to fetch it for you whereas the crawler service allows you to run Octoparse-built crawlers that can run and retrieve specific data points. 

7. Parsehub Web Scraping Software

You could use Parsehub free tool which allows you to get data from any website using a point-and-click interface or their free plan which can get you data from 200 web pages in only 40 minutes. Their paid plans range is charged at $189 and $599 and Enterprise Web Scraping solutions require a one-on-one discussion and lead to custom quotations.

The service offers data retention for weeks or months based on the plan you choose and the data can be dumped into your S3 or Dropbox. IP rotation and scheduling auto scrapers are also supported. In case you are connected to the academic world, ParseHub offers free licenses for Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

8. Diggernaut Web Scraping Software

Diggernaut helps in Data Scraping, extraction, collection, export, transformation, and validation. It offers 33 free scrapers which cover websites like Abercrombie & Fitch and Amazon.ca – mostly eCommerce websites. Its services are free for up to 1 project having 3 diggers, 5000-page requests, 10MB of bandwidth, and 3 days of data retention. 

All of its other basic plans range between $9.99 to $59.99 and provide support for 3-10 projects. Data retention also increases to 7 days. Diggernaut enterprise plans range from $199.99 to $999.99 all of which cover unlimited projects and diggers and have a data retention of 30 days. You can also contact them for a custom pay-as-you-use plan.

9. Scrapehunt Web Scraping Software

Scrapehunt provides pre-scraped databases in less than 60 seconds. These include sources like Google Play store, Apple Store, a database of Companies and their information, Investors Database, News Database, AngelList Organizations Database, Github Database, and more. 

You can also use one of its 26 APIs to scrape data from Google Search Results, Instagram, Amazon, Facebook pages, Medium, and other sites whose data are highly in demand in the web scraping sphere. 

10. Diffbot Web Scraping Software

Be it data from Organizations, News Articles, Retail Products, Discussion Boards, or Events– Diffbot can get you all of them. It calls itself the “Knowledge Graph of the Public Web” and claims to access trillions of “facts” that are spread across the web and extract them on demand– at scale. The interface of Diffbot software is also fairly easier to use, even by novice users.

How to Choose the Best Competitors & Alternatives of Zyte Web Scraping Software?

Having looked at Zyte competitors and alternatives, where we discussed the various price points, accessing tools and their freemium models. let’s look at how they fare against each other on certain topics.

1)DaaS Solutions

Zyte takes on an API-based approach, and in case a DaaS solution is what you require, PromptCloud or ScrapeHero would fit your bill.

2)IP handling

Zyte offers specific tools for proxy management and IP rotation, whereas most products may have these built in. Similar services are also offered by Oxylabs and Bright Data.


Zyte offers 24-hour support on weekdays which may be enough for most projects. In case you need continuous support even through weekends, you might have to discuss separate terms or go for a different solution provider like Bright Data which offers 24×7 customer support.

4)Data Quality

Almost every tool claims to produce high-quality data but usually those with post-processing features where the scraped data is further cleaned or parsed, produce the most usable results. These can be baked into DaaS solutions like PromptCloud’s.


Zyte provides individual tools that can be used within your system to solve a business problem. However, you would be expected to have a tech team who will be putting in some effort to handle, integrate and join their tools. This might work for tech-enabled or small companies. However, for large enterprises, looking at Zyte competitors and alternatives is a good idea. DaaS solutions are the way to go to ensure zero maintenance and low overheads in which case you might need to pick up one of the competitors mentioned in this blog.

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