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Webscraper.io Competitors and Alternatives

Overview of Webscraper.io Competitors and Alternatives

In case you do not have an in-house tech team and are looking for a no-code-based solution that even your product or business team can manage, Webscraper.io is a likely product that you might have your eyes set on. 

Our team studied Webscraper product features along with its closest competitors to give you a clearer picture of the good, the bad and the ugly. We will be proposing different Webscraper.io competitors and alternatives which can help you achieve different web scraping goals based on your domain, priorities and cost constraints.

Webscraper.io provides you with a browser extension which is free to use but mainly involves manual work rendering it unusable at an enterprise level. Its commercial product can scrape data from dynamic websites although there is a limit to the number of parallel jobs that you can run based on the usage tier you choose. 

In this article, we will be diving deeper into how competitors handle certain aspects better or worse than Webscraper.io. But let’s find out how this tool works and what are its major features.

What does Webscraper.io offer?

Webscraper.io offers 7 days of free trial usage and 1000 cloud credits (which translates to 1000 web pages being scraped). It stresses its strength in scraping dynamic websites in multiple blog posts as well as its main webpage. 

It also offers added features like Scheduling Web Scraping Jobs, IP rotation using proxies, API integrations, the ability to save scraped data to Cloud Services like S3 or Dropbox and webhooks for notifications as well parsing of scraped data.

Webscraper does not guarantee that it can scrape any site that you may want. Also, you will have to do the feasibility study yourself in the trial period. During this time, you will have to figure out whether all the websites that you want to scrape data from are handled well, and whether you can parse all the data points that the business team needs.

This may put an extra overhead and there are chances that a new web scraping project in the future may not be supported by Webscraper.io. Hence, we will be looking at other Webscraper.io competitors that may offer a better value proposition or may cover you for future scraping jobs.

Top 10 Best Webscraper.io Competitors and Alternatives [2022 Updated List]

1. PromptCloud

PromptCloud is an enterprise-grade DaaS solution that simplifies your data scraping requirements into a 2 step process. All you need to do is provide them with a list of websites, the data points that need to be scraped and the frequency. They will set up the bots and data will automatically flow into the cloud storage of your choice. 

You could also opt for an API-based integration in which you can query the scraped data from your business workflow. The ability to create customized solutions that can help you in setting up any web scraping flow and extract actionable insights is what makes PromptCloud one of the top runners in this race.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data is a Cloud-based data collection service that allows you to gather data from public websites in a structured format. Its managed services start from $1000 per month, whereas its self-serve scraping service cost upwards of $500 per month excluding support and maintenance. 

Bright data also prides itself in its SERP (search engine results page) data scraping service which is supposed to provide a 99.99% success rate. The service supports major search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

3. Webz.io Web Scraping Software

Webz.io provides machine-readable data in JSON or XML formats from live websites as well as archived data from historic pages. It provides web-scraping service for news pages, customer reviews on product pages, blog sites, online forums and government data stores. 

An interesting feature offered by Webz.io is that it allows you to scrape data from the Dark Web as well. This is mainly used for law enforcement, personal data tracking or financial fraud detection.

4. Apify Web Scraping Software

Used by big companies like Microsoft and Samsung, Apify offers certain tools to scrape data from specific sources. These include Google Search Results scraper, Amazon Product Scraper, YouTube Scraper, Instagram Profile Scraper and more. 

It is like a platform for different web scraping tools where each has different pricing and use cases. In case your requirements are fulfilled by any of the tools offered, you could check out the Apify platform. You can also create a tool if you are a developer or request an RPA-based web scraping tool to perform your custom scraping task.

5. Octoparse Web Scraping Software

This solution allows users to scrape data from web pages and turn them into spreadsheets without writing a single line of code. Octoparse boasts of being able to handle different types of websites and features such as pages with infinite scrolling, data behind a login page and drop-down menus. Octoparse is a cloud-based platform that can scrape data 24×7. Octoparse also offers you the ability to rotate IPs, download data in different formats, and schedule daily, hourly or weekly scraping jobs.

6. Geosurf Web Scraping Software

They offer multiple solutions from proxies to data scraping services. You can plug in Geosurf API into your current workflow and consume data from any public data source either via a data feed or a REST API. Geosurf has broken down web scraping into 3 stages-

  • Select the Website and geographical location of the data.
  • Select the frequency and timeline of scraping jobs.
  • Choose how and where you want the data to be delivered.

7. Parsehub Web Scraping Software

Parsehub offers both paid and free plans for those looking to scrape data from interactive websites. The free tool offers no IP rotation and you are likely to get blocked after scraping a few webpages from any site. Parsehub paid professional plan allows you to scrape unlimited pages at just $599. You can however scrape data from a max of 120 websites using the Parsehub tool.

8. Grepsr Web Scraping Software

Grepsr offers a DIY web scraping tool that you can use as a browser extension. They also offer customized solutions in the fields of eCommerce, Real Estate, Retail, Data Research and Journalism. 

However, no prices are quoted on their website and you need to submit a custom requirements sheet to receive a quote. Grepsr claims to process 500 million+ records, parse 750K+ web sources and 30k+ keywords per day and still achieve 99% data reliability.

9. Gigascraper Web Scraping Software

Gigascraper helps companies make data-backed decisions using structured data from multiple sources. They offer both one-time solutions for a specific project as well as periodic web scraping runs in case you need data frequently. It is a DaaS solution provider just like PromptCloud which means that you can provide them with the requirements and they will be sharing the data in the agreed-upon format. However, Gigascraper’s enterprise solution starts at a steep price of $1900 per month.

10. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee specializes in handling web scraping problems where you might get blocked by web pages. It uses headless browsers and rotates proxies to ensure that your web scraping job runs without a hitch. 

Web pages created using React, Angular JS, Vue.js or any other library can be scraped easily by Scrapingbee. They offer specific features to ensure that web scraping tasks run without a hitch– a large proxy pool, geotargeting and automatic proxy rotation. 

How can you Choose between Webscraper.io and its Competitors?

We explored Webscraper.io competitors and alternatives and noticed certain trends. Some services also stood out. Let’s look at different points and which services serve those best.

1. DaaS Solutions

If you are looking for a purely DaaS solution and want a hands-off approach where your only role is to provide the requirements and integrate the data stream that is provided, then PromptCloud is your best bet as it offers a custom solution built end-to-end to suit your needs at reasonable prices.

2. Privacy and Proxies

Among solutions that require a certain amount of maintenance effort from your side, ScrapingBee offers a large number of features that ensure that your scraping efforts are not blocked by websites. Most of the other competitors also have some degree of proxy handling without which almost no enterprise-grade scraping task can be accomplished.

3. Cost

Apart from the free solutions, Apify has the cheapest solutions starting at around $25. However, these offer very limited functionalities. Among full-blown cloud-based services, most have custom quotations. Few like Parsehub and Bright Data do offer solutions at close $500 per month with some limitations thrown in.

4. Scaling

This is a major issue since most of the solutions restrict you to a certain number of parallel runs based on the plan you choose. In case you require a high degree of scalability, and have varying workloads as well as frequency every month, a service provider like PromptCloud would serve you better since you will only be charged based on usage and wouldn’t need to shell out a high flat fee every month.


We discussed various aspects of all Webscraper.io competitors & alternatives. But the most important one is data quality and although many tools boast of high data quality confidence metrics, real-life projects may throw a spanner in these figures. Since most of these tools allow a trial period, it would be recommended that you try them out first. In case you have a continuous enterprise-grade scraping requirement, then approaching a DaaS provider, makes sense.

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