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Top 10 Best ParseHub Competitors and Alternatives

Overview of ParseHub Competitors and Alternatives

ParseHub is one of the pioneers to provide web scraping services, which was mostly known to IT professionals and data engineers back in the day. However, today the dynamics of the web scraping industry have entirely changed and it has become imperative to use data for businesses to grow.

Noticing the rise of ParseHub competitors and alternatives in this niche marketplace, we noticed technical difficulties that their users were facing when it came to managing the setup fee, scraping speed, and agility.

We can see hundreds of companies providing data, but how many of them really care about the data to draw insights out of it? So we have created a comprehensive list of 10 companies that offer the best data analytics services in the market today, for you to make an informed decision.

Read further, to take a look at companies offering data services according to industries, user rating, accessibility, deliverables, speed, interface, customer service, and technical challenges. But before we dive into this, let’s understand what is web scraping and how to access the ParseHub Web Scraping Software.

What is ParseHub Web Scraping Software?

Data scraping by definition is gathering unstructured data from the web and delivering structured data that can be read and understood by the users. Where a major part of data is delivered using machine learning by understanding content and human sentiments across public forums and platforms.

ParseHub is a powerful web scraping software pioneering in web scraping, which works best with getting the data from historic and interactive websites. A good crawling tool can get data from HTML formats and the Cloud by bypassing the bots and mining readable data within minutes.

However, as simple as it sounds, there is more to it because websites today are far more dynamic and are built using Java and Web 2.0, built on new technologies, which makes crawling challenging for most of the companies dwelling in the data marketplace. 

Top 10 Best ParseHub Competitors and Alternatives [2022 Updated List]

Listing down the top 10 alternatives and competitors of ParseHub Web Scraping Software, allowed us to understand the challenges users were facing while using their tool, in terms of technical dependency and pricing. There is a freemium service available for the users, however, it is not easy to set up and run the crawlers, if you are not a developer. Also, the tool shows errors while crawling dynamic softwares, it simply becomes time-consuming for the entire project to initiate. 

1. PromptCloud

PromptCloud has been thriving in this niche marketplace since 2008 with an average Google rating of 4.2 and receiving good client reviews. Services from PromptCloud work best for businesses looking for enterprise-level recurring data and market insights. The company has domain expertise in eCommerce, Travel, Talent intelligence, and Research. It is one of the most popular Web Scraping Software in the industry and is used by millions of customers globally.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is costlier than ParseHub, fairly because it provides a better interface and ready-to-use templates for eCommerce and Marketing needs. It also fits best for non-coders to extract bulk data simultaneously from multiple sources at once in your desired format. However, the customer support team is a little slow to respond. With an Octoparse subscription plan, you will be able to schedule your downloads and the software will do the rest.

3. Webscraper.io

WebScraper.io is cheaper than ParseHub, and they provide a point-and-click interface to scrape web data from any public URL and even from a dynamic website. Keeping the price point in view, this tool is advanced for scraping data from web 2.0 in a format of your choice. Webscraper.io data works well with APIs and for visual scraping projects.

4. ScrapeHero

ScrapeHero is cheaper than ParseHub, as it provides bare minimum services in comparison to the competitors. It is a SaaS application and is well-versed in extracting data from documentation. Along with it, email extraction, image extraction, phone number and web data extraction. SrapeHero customer support is available on business hours. The tool works well with APIs to automate workflows and provide data in the finance domain as well.

5. Zyte

Zyte is also a SaaS application for data-driven businesses and it comes with a free trial option for the users. It costs about the same as using ParseHub and it provides data extraction services like disparate data collection, image extraction, pricing, web data extraction. Zyte tool integrates well with Github, Google Drive, and DropBox, etc.

6. Import.io

Both Import.io and ParseHub have a similar pricing structure and offer a freemium model to the users. It depends on the number of web scraping projects you want to carry out, the number of pages up for scraping and the rate of speed for crawling. However, the freemium model limits you to the number of queries raised and the amount of data you can store. Import.io also provides managed services to clients who are looking for a short-term project. 

7. Apify

Both Apify and ParseHub come at a similar price point and this is the best tool for users from a non-technical background, although using this SaaS tool is comparatively easier for developers. The tool works best with dynamic websites, however, you can come across a few firewall issues while setting up the web crawlers. Apify allows you to access the data from anywhere in a format of your choice as it integrates well with APIs. 

8. Altair Monarch

Altair Monarch is great at delivering machine learning intelligence and is in the business of providing data for 30 years. This tool is one of the best ways to extract data from dynamic and newer websites. Users need not know coding to enable automatic workflows to get structured data in any desired format.

9. Scrapestorm

Scrapestorm is great to scrape data from documents using artificial intelligence and the tool learns from the users. It works well with data-centric companies across industries, providing timely deliverables. Scrapestorm is cheaper than ParseHub where the user can scrape 300 pages per account and save up to 10 GB of data. You will also get access to their 24/7 customer support and their extensive knowledge base.

10. Grepsr

Grepsr web scraping tool works well with enterprise-level and fortune 500 companies. The tool can easily be deployed on Cloud and any web-based application. They provide 24/7 customer care support through emails, chat, and phone. Also making their knowledge base accessible to the users. Customers can pick from Grepsr templates to build and customize their data requirements.

How to Choose the Right Competitors & Alternatives of ParseHub Web Scraping Software?

Web scraping is generally used to understand the marketplaces and get visibility on the pricing structure of your competitors in the niche your company is invested in. Getting a fair understanding of various web scraping products and Parsehub competitors and alternatives will enable you to make informed decisions to grow your business. Read more to know how these tools work, scaling, delivery, target customers, and shortcomings.

1. Scalability

Web scraping is usually requested by companies that want to grow and make their place in the market. The tool must be scalable and adapt to new technologies, as your data needs are only going to increase with time. So choose the tool that does not slow down while scraping a million web pages in a go. 

2. Automation

The tool should be built using artificial intelligence and access to machine learning to automate the workflow. The crawlers are almost set immediately and require zero downtime to start data mining. It should be easy to maintain and save the records as it goes. 

3. Data Insights

Getting data and analyzing it are two different things. Make sure you look for a service provider that provides good data and analyze the data to draw insights out of it. This practice helps you to fully understand how to make better output-driven strategies for your company to scale. Check out PromptCloud offering the best eCommerce data insights. 

4. Delivery

A wholesome web scraping is not just about getting the data, but you should be able to draw sense out it. So the incoming data should structure itself into a readable format, in rows and columns. Be sure to check the delivered format. It should be versatile and integrate well with any type of delivery types like Json, Google Cloud, or CSV. 

5. Quality Data

We have websites built in different formats using multiple languages, some are historic websites and the others are fairly new with the latest technology inbuilt. So scraping data from these websites becomes challenging because the data needs to clean itself and structure accordingly by understanding content, documents and coding. 

6. Customer Care

Data mining is not an easy process to venture into and you are going to need assistance to make this process smoother for you. Although most of the above tools are automated, but having a customer support team will help you to make a better decision and understand their pricing structure. 

7. Live Monitoring

Having a robust tool and infrastructure should also allow you to monitor how the data is structured at any given time. This ensures that the web data is maintained accuracy and reliable data transfer with zero loss of web data.


Web scraping is a good practice to adopt by companies, and we hope this blog will help you to make a decision for choosing the best ParseHub competitor & alternatives for you. The above-listed factors are essential to keep in mind while shortlisting data providers and understanding the services they provide. The takeaway from the blog is knowing about the tools that you will soon start to access, and selecting the tool that best fits your domain.

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