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import.io Competitors and Alternatives

Overview of import.io Competitors and Alternatives

Import.io dives into the vastness of scraping data from eCommerce websites. It boasts of its ability to handle data from eCommerce websites with complex UI interfaces and use new libraries to update their look and feel regularly. 

Import.io competitors and alternatives provide a similar data scraping structure, with minor differences. For eCommerce websites, Import.io claims to scrape different data points such as MAP (minimum advertised price), product descriptions, site rankings and product reviews. It tries to use data to help companies achieve goals such as:-

  • Figure out how different retailers are showcasing your product and handling questions and accordingly take actions to increase product visibility.
  • Compile customer reviews, sort them, and work on the actionable items to improve the satisfaction level among users.
  • Protection against threats like counterfeit goods being listed, products being listed under MAP, and more.

In terms of customers served, Import.io caters to Retailers, Big Brands as well as those conducting research on data and generating useful reports. Other web scraping offerings also focus on eCommerce or have eCommerce scraping projects in their portfolio. Hence we will be discussing more on Import.io as well as its competitors to figure out where each excels.

What is Import.io web scraping?

Import.io can scrape billions of data points from countless web pages every day. While its main focus and research areas are eCommerce data and how to leverage it. Import.io can help you scrape data from any website. All you need to do is book a free consultation call and discuss your problem statement with them first, just like import.io competitors and alternatives offer customer service.

The company aims to help Brands focus their energy on building out-of-the-box analytics products and business workflows while they take over the web scraping problems. This is necessary since Import.io has a refined web scraping process that has evolved with newer front-end technologies. 

They have also built their systems to scale up when required. Import.io also focuses on completeness and accuracy of data so that the team that ends up using the data can have a high degree of confidence in the models and charts they create.

Top 10 Best import.io Competitors and Alternatives [2022]

1. PromptCloud Web Scraping Software

Covering multiple sectors such as eCommerce & Retail, Travel and Hotels, Job Data, Market Research, Real Estate, Automobile and Finance, PromptCloud, a DaaS provider builds custom web scraping solutions for whoever has a business problem that needs to be solved via data. 

The list of its case studies provides us with a glimpse into all the data-backed solutions that they have created for customers across the board, using the PromptCloud web scraping platform. Their custom solutions are plug and play– that is you give them the requirements and they give you the data to plug into your workflow. They help customers in:-

  • Enterprise or Large Scale Web Scraping
  • Scraping Solutions hosted on the Cloud
  • Data Mining and Live Crawls that create a data stream that’s continuously updated
  • Scheduled Extractions 

2. ScrapeHero Web Scraping Software

ScrapeHero is a fully managed DaaS solution that takes care of products-info, pricing and customer reviews, stock market information, real estate figures, job listings, travel and hospitality data along with structured figures used by researchers.

They also provide a dataset of retail locations which contain data points like brand, store name, geo coordinates, address and zip code among others. You can use custom solutions provided by ScrapeHero via subscriptions and use data licensing options that are offered. Their ready dataset cover anywhere from 413 food chains to 238 supermarkets.

3. Apify Web Scraping Software

Apify describes itself as a “one-stop shop for web scraping, data extraction, and RPA”. It offers both custom solutions that require you to fill and submit a form to get a quote as well as ready-to-use tools that are mostly free or cost less than $100. Many of these are targetted for eCommerce such as Amazon or Bestbuy product scrapers. Apify’s ready-to-use tools can be tried for free first before you commit to them. Their services allow you to convert any website to an API by automatic scraping operation.

4. Octoparse Web Scraping Software

Using the Octoparse point and shoot feature, you can build your web crawler and scrape data from any eCommerce website. Handling login authentication, AJAX requests, dropdown menus and infinite scrolling are a breeze with this tool. Added benefits by Octoparse include IP rotation, cloud platform-based infrastructure and Scheduled scraping that can handle any frequency that you throw at it.

5. Bright Data Web Scraping Software

With exclusive features like code that adapts to website changes, customizable scrapers using Bright Data’s IDE, Automated Scraping solutions, and batch-wise or real-time scraping, Bright Data is one of the top companies in the field of web scraping. 

It is also fully GDPR and CCPA compliant enabling it to be used by companies who are either located in or scraping data of companies and individuals in Europe or California. Bright Data scraping infrastructure is cloud-based and has minimal downtime, while their AI-based solutions add structure to the scraped data automatically.

6. Diffbot Web Scraping Software

Diffbot makes sense of the noisy web by straightening out the data and creating a knowledge graph that they share with their users. Their offerings include:-

  • Finding and aggregating news data on the latest news, organizations as well as individuals.
  • Enrich existing datasets with more sources on the web.
  • Natural Language based inference of entities and relationships as well as sentiment analysis of data.
  • Crawling any website and converting all its contents to a structured consumable format.

7. Parsehub Web Scraping Software

Parsehub is a web scraping tool used by analysts and consultants, sales leads, developers, aggregators and marketplaces, data scientists and journalists as well as eCommerce companies.

Scheduled runs, automatic IP rotation, XPath Regex and CSS selectors, handling infinite scrolling, and getting data inside a login page are just some of the features that are offered.

The data provided by Parsehub can be used via an API, opened in CSV, Excel, or on Google sheets, or even directly integrated with BI tools like Tableau. 

8. Oxylabs Web Scraping Software

Oxylabs offers businesses the ability to use their proxy networks as well as scraper APIs to fetch any data from the large public web. With more than 12 million IPs worldwide, their network is one of the largest in the industry. 

They also provide dedicated account managers and 24×7 live support for critical projects where you need a very high uptime or where you may be taking decisions on a live data feed and any sort of break may need quick resolutions. Oxylabs have an eCommerce-specific Scraper API that can get real-time and location-specific search data.

For this, you pay per success record only and the data is delivered in a structured format like JSON. Their scraper API can collect data from thousands of eCommerce websites and their ML-based adaptive parser ensures smooth scraping with minimal breakages.

9. Retailgators Web Scraping Software

The company name itself stresses the service’s focus on scraping retail data. This is also a DaaS solution where you share the problem statement, the engineers decide how the data can be fetched and the problem at hand can be solved, and then after a few clarifications and configurations, you get the data! 

Retailgator can handle all major dynamic websites like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and Aliexpress. Their tool can be used to scrape any data– text, links, images, tables, and more. Based on your requirement, you can also scrape all data using navigations like categories, sub-categories and product pages or related-products pages.

10. Proxycrawl Web Scraping Software

As the name may suggest, Proxycrawl, this service specifically takes extra steps to protect your web scraping job. These include protection from blocked requests, proxy failure, browser crash, IP leak and CAPTCHAs. You can use their services to scrape data from Facebook, Stackoverflow, Yandex, Amazon, Glassdoor, Quora, Twitter, eBay and some more popular websites across the globe.

You can crawl regular as well as dynamically generated JavaScript-powered websites. Websites using Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Meteor, and others call all be crawled and converted to simple HTML and then mined for data points. Screenshots for crawled pages are automatically saved for future data verification.

How to Choose the Best Competitors & Alternatives of import.io Web Scraping Software?

Having looked at the strengths and weaknesses of Import.io alternatives and its competitors, let’s narrow down the focus to certain metrics–

1)Ecommerce Solutions

Import.io readily provides data for handling multiple common eCommerce-based problem statements. Octoparse, Oxylabs, PromptCloud, and Apify also provide eCommerce-specific solutions.


Import.io promises to scale as required and can scrape as many sites as you want, as frequently as you prefer, and gather billions of data points. Similar features can be seen for any DaaS service provider like PromptCloud and you will have to look at the pricing and the time taken to scrape a particular amount of data before you can decide on the final solution.


Due to the rising legislation and legal battles surrounding web scraping, it is better to be on the right side of the law when you scrape data. Bright Data specifically mentions compliance with GDPR and CCPA. In case you are going with any of the other solutions, you may need clarification on whether the legislations of the area you are gathering data from are covered.


Scraping the data is half the work done. Verifying the accuracy completes the job. Proxycrawl saves screenshots of scraped pages so that you can verify the scraped data later. In case you need features like this, custom requirements may need to be submitted to DaaS providers.


When having a sector-specific scraping requirement, it’s best to go for companies and solutions that have years of experience in the domain. This would help in connecting the data and the problem statement faster, like the services provided by Import.io alternatives and competitors. However, in case you are scraping data from multiple sectors and domains, it would be recommended to go for a DaaS solution provider so that you can collect all the data and aggregate it on your end and use it based on business requirements.

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