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How to Scrape Data in 5 Easy Steps

How often do you need to scrape data from a website for your work and it seems like too much of a pain? This blog post will teach you how to scrape data in 5 easy steps . This post is written for software professionals who need to extract data from web pages or PDFs and […]

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The Changing Scope of Web Scraping and PromptCloud’s Role in the Evolution

Abhisek Roy

Web crawling has been there since the time search engines were developed as a means to index the web pages and make them searchable. Apart from that, hobbyists, individuals with professional requirements and companies have always been in need of web data in a structured format for various use cases. However, the majority of the […]

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The Best Web Scraping Examples- by Promptcloud

Best Web Scraping Examples

Data has become a key component of the growth strategy for every company. When it comes to collecting data, plenty of sources are available. However, manually collecting data is difficult due to two reasons – a) increased chance of mistakes, and b) time-consuming process. A better way to go about collecting data is to crawl […]

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Web Crawling for Data-Feed Driven Advertising – PromptCloud

What is data-feed driven advertising? Remember the time when you were checking out a laptop on Amazon and ended up seeing an advertisement for the same or similar laptops on Google, Facebook, and other sites that you visited? Let’s talk about something newer. Ever walked by a restaurant or bar and on opening your social […]

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Scraping Insurance Coverage Details from Providers’ Websites

Anyone who has purchased an insurance policy online would probably know the difficulties of comparing them. This is because every company has varied plans and the information is provided in different formats on different websites. Going through each company’s website, finding the same data points and comparing them manually proves to be a difficult affair. […]

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What is the Impact of eCommerce on Brick and Mortar Stores?

Impact of eCommerce: The Growth Story of Online Sales Ever since the inception of eCommerce, the impact of e-commerce, online shopping has been slowly but steadily eating into the share of brick and mortar stores. As per the latest US Census Bureau data, in the last quarter of 2018, the eCommerce sector made up only […]

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How to write and create the best we crawling bots

Web crawling bots, also known as ants, automatic indexers, web spiders or web robots, are automated scripts that scan through web pages to extract data periodically (or in real-time). The process itself is called web crawling. Although web crawling bots are sometimes used for other purposes as well, such as web indexing (by companies like […]

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How Live Scrapes Can Be Used to Run Your Price Comparison Portal

Why do You Need Real-Time Scraping Systems? Web crawling has become a necessity for the travel and e-commerce sector to monitor prices across hundreds of websites and thousands of subcategories constantly. It ensures that the prices on their own website are attractive enough. The problem with these two sectors is that prices update frequently based […]

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PromptCloud’s Year in Review – 2018 – PromptCloud


What a year 2018 has been for the data ecosystem! We believe the high-magnitude and rapid demand for alt-data (especially web data) from companies of various sizes across industries is a remarkable element of this year. For PromptCloud, it has always been about moving the needle when it comes to democratization of web data access. […]

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News Aggregators Using Web Scraping to Power News Reporting

News Aggregation is about compiling news articles from different websites and forums together in a single database. While this has been happening for quite some time now, News Aggregators have started using different strategies like showing related news when you are viewing one, or customizing your news feed based on your past usage. But the […]

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