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Extensive Use of Web Scraping Services in Research

In a world where information is being spread at the speed of light through the Internet, it’s becoming incredibly difficult to keep track of it all and tell the truthful data from the false one. This is when web scraping services come to the fore to help you and make the situation much easier for […]

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What is Web Scraping and Why Do Businesses Need it?


The typical uses of web scraping are only limited by our own imagination. It crawls and extracts large amounts of data from literally all websites for a plethora of uses, such as price monitoring, financial data spidering, analyzing news aggregation, to name a few. Scraping and crawling are empowering businesses to create new products and […]

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Boost your Amazon Affiliate Sales using Web Scraping

Abhisek Roy

Amazon has grown bigger than ever, and its sales have crossed all boundaries. This is despite the fact that it does not advertise its services on television or billboards. However, much of the advertisement is done by affiliate websites who cash in on successful conversions. While the commission percentage of each sale is different across […]

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eCommerce Data API for Affiliate Marketing

While all the talking about scraping data is well and good, using it in business processes poses the main challenge. That is the reason we want to discuss how organisations are using our scraping services to increase their sales, increase website traffic while optimising their costs. Here are 7 ways in which our customers are […]

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How Live Scrapes Can Be Used to Run Your Price Comparison Portal

Why do You Need Real-Time Scraping Systems? Web crawling has become a necessity for the travel and e-commerce sector to monitor prices across hundreds of websites and thousands of subcategories constantly. It ensures that the prices on their own website are attractive enough. The problem with these two sectors is that prices update frequently based […]

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News Aggregators Using Web Scraping to Power News Reporting

News Aggregation is about compiling news articles from different websites and forums together in a single database. While this has been happening for quite some time now, News Aggregators have started using different strategies like showing related news when you are viewing one, or customizing your news feed based on your past usage. But the […]

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The Many Ways Web Scraping can Help Affiliate Marketers

Marketing is a growing and evolving sector that has had its own share of overhauling due to the rise of technology. But would you believe it if I said that affiliate marketing has been there for a long time? Well, what is affiliate marketing?  Say you want to sell a car, and you say that […]

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Mobile App Ideas Inspired by Web Scraping Technologies

Mobile Applications are flooding the app-stores and new apps with simplistic designs and innovative ideas are taking over the top positions. While the fight is on, one thing’s for certain; innovation is the key. What about the key to innovation you may ask? Well, of course, it is data. At the same time, web scraping […]

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Using Web Scraping to Enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) – PromptCloud

minimum advertised price

In the age of brick and mortar retail stores, MAP or Minimum Advertised Price used to to be a safeguard for manufacturers. Let me explain with an example. Suppose you are a manufacturer of pumps. Your cost to manufacture each pump is around 20 USD. You sell them to a retailer at $30 each. He, […]

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Kardmatch Offers Free and Easy Credit Card Comparison to Clients

Comparison websites are popular in the Ecommerce and the Travel industries and often act as the primary source of information in the customer’s decision-making process. However, the finance industry is still new to the comparison portals. Kardmatch  offers solutions around credit card comparison and offer-aggregation on various credit cards across Mexico.  Comparison portals are a […]

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