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Product Visibility- What Is Seen First, Will Sell Faster!

Branding in the retail and eCommerce industry

Introduction When we go to a supermarket, we go through thousands of products, but most of those that we end up purchasing falls into two specific categories – Familiar brands that we have been using. Products that grab our attention the most. At times, you may even find that the second one may overcome the […]

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Top 5 uses of eCommerce data analytics for your business

eCommerce Data analytics

Boosted by the pandemic, online sales have scaled new heights. Even avenues like online grocery delivery which weren’t that popular earlier have seen high growth, led by companies like Amazon Fresh and Instacart. Food delivery platforms like Doordash saw their revenue multiply as people decided to stay in and order food online. The growth of […]

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The Rise of Influencer Marketing Jobs and How Brands Can Leverage It

Influencer Marketing

Influencer product purchasing has been a part of our lives since ancient times. We often trust a person’s choices, when we relate to them or know them personally. Everyone of us is an influencer, even if you are influencing a single person. This got immediately amplified when social media started booming across the globe, where […]

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Scraping Pricing Data from eBay

Scraping pricing data is one of the most common techniques used by both companies and individuals to set prices on new websites or for listing new products. What sets eBay apart from other online retailers like Amazon and Walmart is that here, products are listed not just by sellers but also by individuals. A lot […]

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Price Tracking in the age of eCommerce

price tracking

Price tracking has become an essential feature of new-age companies that sell products online. This is applicable for both eCommerce marketplaces as well as those that sell products of their own. However, the competition to have a lower price is much higher among marketplaces since individuals would almost always prefer to pay less for the […]

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Building Custom Web Crawler for Websites like Amazon

custom web crawler

Mammoths like Amazon and Walmart were not just built on great ideas, but also on top of large amounts of data. So when you try to build custom web crawlers to fetch data from websites of companies like these, it does make sense. However, one also needs to deep dive into how the best data […]

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Scrape e-commerce data from Walmart- the world’s largest retail store

walmart data

Based on this article published by Forbes, Walmart had 20,000 stores in 28 countries as of July 2021. It is still the largest retailer in the world, with Amazon following far second at almost half its sales. Established in 1962, while it is not a new company, it has improved its tech efforts, leaving behind […]

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How Data Visualization can Boost your Brand’s visibility in the Fashion Industry

Data Visualization in Fashion Industry

eCommerce as a platform has an impact on the way people shop. Increasing internet penetration with low pricing structure has enabled the end customer to have access to a variety of products and services, right at the fingertips. The recent covid19 pandemic has accelerated online shopping footfall, with over 90% of the world’s population using […]

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Combating Data Quality Issues When Scraping Ecommerce Data


Scraping eCommerce data to devise factual and reliable strategies for eCommerce businesses is evolving the need of the hour. Data is central to your eCommerce strategy.  There is strong competition among eCommerce businesses, and you should come up with new innovative ideas to sustain. However, there is a catch: you have to come up with […]

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Web Scraping Amazon Inventory – A Complete Guide

web scraping amazon inventory

Amazon’s e-commerce platform provides a wide range of services. However, they do not provide easy access to their product data. As a result, everyone involved in the e-commerce industry needs to scrape amazon product listings in some form. Whether it’s for competitor research, comparison shopping, or creating an API for your app project, we’ve got […]

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