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How to Effectively Crawl the Web for your Keywords

Web crawling with its power to collect massive amounts of data from the unstructured pile of information, is definitely a technology worth investing time and money in. There are countless possibilities with the data you can get through scraping the web. The data can help you gain business intelligence, run an aggregator site, build your […]

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Twitter for Business: Tips and Tricks

People from all around the globe come to Twitter to discover and discuss about what’s happening in the world right now. Around 500 million tweets are sent out each day. This makes it one of the best social networks to gather insights for business development. Any business that wants to make sense has a Twitter […]

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How Twitter could have Influenced Jon Snow’s Return

This April, “Winter is coming” and it is going to be super exciting for all the die-hard fans of the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Last season we got a preview of the icy blue White Walker during the rescue operation to bring back the wildings, the fierce Drogon’s return, and the escape of […]

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How to Develop the Right Keyword Strategy

Janet Williams

Having a good website is the primary key to creating an indelible brand presence online. However, what many web developers don’t factor in, is the optimization of the website to attract visitors on the search engines or develop the right keyword strategy. Thus, when a business gets a website ready, it has a scintillating brand […]

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Web Scraping for Brand Monitoring – All You Need to Know

For long-term success and getting noticeable visibility as a leading player in a competitive market, it is crucial for companies to build an effective and brand presence. The notion or idea of a particular brand is what remains in public perception to be the identity or character of a company. Hence, the more the brand […]

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Importance of Data Driven Marketing

What is Data Driven Marketing Data driven marketing strategy is a game-changer. It opens up newer opportunities for letting you save money, save time, or boost your marketing results. Effective use of data can aid in decision-making, help optimizing processes and leveraging your resources to their maximum. Right from data for market research, competition mapping, […]

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