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Applications of Web Scraping in Marketing – PromptCloud

Marketing is all about getting your clients or customers interested in the product that you are selling or the services that you are offering. We can do marketing in various ways, such as advertisements in the print media, or marketing campaigns to promote your product while connecting to the target customer base. Rather than spending […]

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The Many Ways Web Scraping can Help Affiliate Marketers

Marketing is a growing and evolving sector that has had its own share of overhauling due to the rise of technology. But would you believe it if I said that affiliate marketing has been there for a long time? Well, what is affiliate marketing?  Say you want to sell a car, and you say that […]

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How to Scrape Data from Instagram using Python

Abhisek Roy
Abhisek Roy

If the town’s talking about a video, it has to be on YouTube, if the town’s going crazy over an article, it has to be on Facebook, and if the whole town is discussing the latest photos, they just have to be on Instagram. Here’s how to scrape instagram data Founded in 2010, Instagram has […]

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What are the main Applications of Text Data Mining and Analysis?

applications of text mining

With the rise of big data, companies have been bombarded with more and more organizational data, mostly in the form of text. The best way to handle this data stream is text mining or textual analytics. Text analytics is mainly the processing of a gigantic collection of textual information to find connections that are not […]

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Top 6 Ways to Filling the Top of Your Sales Funnel

filling the top of sales funnel ways tips

It’s called catching the net colloquially, but in essence, any business small or large is continuously trying to fill the top of its sales funnel with high quality leads. Below is a brief grouping of tasks that should go into maintaining a healthy top of sales funnel. 1. Inbound marketing The most obvious first. We […]

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Top Niche Alternatives to Quora – PromptCloud


Forums are places where you meet, interact and exchange ideas with people who are in the same profession or share the similar passion. You can also use forums to get opinions on new concepts, troubleshoot your roadblocks, or get expert advice. A great community will help you achieve your goals easily by providing you with […]

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YouScan Platform for all your Social Media Monitoring Activities

Social media monitoring is about searching the web and social listening to uncover what the audience is saying about your brand, your competitors on which medium and channel. The intelligence gathered from these channels will be used to create engagement and find insights to improve content marketing, customer service, product strategy, human resources, sales and […]

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Restaurants using Social Media Analytics Platform for Consumer Insights

It’s crucial for businesses to listen, measure, and understand what people are saying about them. Restaurants are no different, every day millions of reviews get posted on social media by the consumers. Sentiment analysis helps brands go beyond the vanity metrics such as Likes, Shares and Mentions to unveil the actual feeling of the consumer. […]

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Best Brand Monitoring Tools for Social Media

To claim success in today’s challenging market conditions, it is crucial to understand your prospects, customers, and industry. Using social media to promote and monitor your brand helps you discover new opportunities, uncover pain points, and take revenue-enhancing business decisions. Marketers are extensively using social media channels for this purpose. Result, many brand monitoring tools […]

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Scraping Images for your Image Search Engine

Janet Williams

The other day I was shopping online to buy a new mobile phone. Looking at multiple sites, I found that the one thing I kept referring to, was the price (of course!). But there was another aspect that I kept searching for, and that was an image of the phone I wanted. I later realized […]

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