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How Restaurant Analytics Helps to Increase Business Revenue

Digitization has reshaped the F&B industry with data-driven systems and you can use those insights to increase revenue. Cloud-based POS systems present in-depth restaurant analytics whenever someone swipes a card, orders something online, or shares their contact information. With fierce competition among restaurants, analyzing individual pieces of data to create meaningful reports is the key […]

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Restaurant Data Scraping – Leveraging Data to Create Restaurant Menu and Drive Growth


The food and beverage industry is brimming with the most untapped potential. To find a ‘clutter breaker’ is near impossible. What will truly differentiate you from the rest? What can truly differentiate you from the rest? Three words. Restaurant menu scraping.  You have to be on the constant lookout for what everybody in your league […]

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Web Scraping Food Delivery Data – PromptCloud’s Guide

The online food delivery segment is projected to reach around $127 billion by the end of 2021. With revenue expected to grow to a market size of $192 billion by 2025. These platforms and apps have thousands of restaurant listings and are used by millions of customers. So, food delivery data is important for businesses. Restaurants […]

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