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Consumer Behavior Analysis on High Inflationary Period

Pavan Jakka
Pavan Jakka
Consumer behavior analysis

A Peek into History Taking a peek into the history of hyperinflationary scenarios and consumer behavior analysis, let’s revisit the dark period of a country where the native currency got depreciated beyond recovery in the early 1920s’ in Weimar, Germany. Where the country was functioning through a barter system. Expensive cars, art, and jewelry were […]

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Learn to Scrape Finance Data using Python

Abhisek Roy

The stock market is a huge database with millions of entries that get updated every single second. While there are many companies that do provide financial data of companies, it is usually through an API (Application programming interface). And as you may have guessed, these APIs are never free. Yahoo Finance is a  trusted source […]

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Kardmatch Offers Free and Easy Credit Card Comparison to Clients

Janet Williams

Comparison websites are popular in the Ecommerce and the Travel industries and often act as the primary source of information in the customer’s decision-making process. However, the finance industry is still new to the comparison portals. Kardmatch  offers solutions around credit card comparison and offer-aggregation on various credit cards across Mexico.  Comparison portals are a […]

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